Happy birthday to me!

Ok, my birthday was actually the 25th of LAST month, but we didn’t really do anything. It was actually the birthday from hell… so we won’t discuss that anymore. Anyway, Sven was showing me some cameras in a shop he…

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I also play around with a camera on occasion. I haven’t taken any serious photos in the past few months, but I am hoping to do that sometime in the near future. Maybe I will do some street photography around…

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Winter Vacation

Just giving  a head’s up.  I am going to be on vacation from Dec 15th until Jan 2nd.  Physical orders will be suspended for that time. You can still purchase products from my shop, but shipping will be delayed for…

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2017 – Germany Tour

I think this was a vacation that will be really hard to top. We took a train tour around Germany. We stopped in Hannover, Berlin, Heidelberg, Köln, Bonn, Frankfurt, and Königswinter. Beautiful cities, to say the least.  Castles, bars, architecture,…

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Photography Spam

Went out to take my first set of photos for the summer. Granted, it isn’t quite summer yet, but it was warm enough.  I have to take advantage of the weather!

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