Having Trouble…

I know we’ve always been through it, but it doesn’t make it any less… annoying.

I’m at a point where I really can’t get my motivation going. I’ve even tried forcing it. Yeah, that probably wasn’t the best idea for this situation.

I guess I just have an extended period of Artist’s Block…

It is probably just a case of mental exhaustion. Maybe it is the time in our history getting to me. It would be much different if I was “stuck” in another place. Being here in Ulaanbaatar hasn’t been nice to me. (more on that later, though…)

Seriously, I should just cut myself some slack, but it is really hard. I feel guilty by not creating. I don’t know why I feel so guilty, though. I really only answer to myself. But maybe that is the problem… Maybe I need to just excuse myself. But at the same time, I want to bonk myself over the head with a skillet full of motivation.

I just pictured that. It was pretty amusing!

While I have been having my block, though, I have done a few other hobbies.

I learned to knit. May as well, since I am coming close to the top of the hill! lol

I’ve been crocheting a LOT of things, as well getting ready for the first anniversary of the art forum.

Then there is the new purchase of a D780 Nikon camera. Holy crap, that thing is beautiful. I made a post a few weeks ago about that. However, it’s a little disappointing that I don’t really have anywhere to use it around here seriously. I am not the one to risk the country tour here. I’ve heard too many horror stories lol. But once we are able to take a vacation, I probably should go pick up a few more SD cards haha!

All of that is great, but I would really love my drawing motivation back. I miss it…

I will get through this! I have a book to finish. It is so damned close; I can taste it.

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