All commissions are 99.9% graphite.

Payments only via PayPal.

For A5 and A4 sizes, I require half the payment up front (100% in the event of a “sale”) to ensure the seriousness of the piece. For ACEO and Postcard commissions, I require 100% payment in advance.
I do not offer refunds once the work is complete. However, the artwork does not get shipped until the complete payment has been made.

On delivery payments available for local clients.

Information about paper sizes:


Base prices for original art are as follows:
All art drawn on Schoellershammer drawing paper.

➤ A3 – $325 USD
➤ A4 – $100 USD
➤ A5 – $80 USD
➤ 100 x 150 mm postcard – $45 USD
➤ 2.5 in x 3.5 in ACEO Trading Card – $15 USD

Larger sizes available. Contact me for more details.


All art is subject to shipping costs.

➤ A3: $25 per package.
➤ A4 and A5: $10 per package up to 10 items.
➤ A4 and A5: $15 per package for 11+ items.
➤ Postcard and ATC: $5 per package up to 6 cards.
➤ Postcard and ATC: $7 per package of 7+ cards.

Larger sizes need to be discussed in advance.

Please be as detailed as possible in the description of what you want. Reference photos are always good.
Commissions are Personal Use Only. Other arrangements will need to be made for commercially used artwork. To order, simply send me all of the details in the contact form in the site menu. Please include your PayPal address and your Shipping address.


Art takes time. Valuable time that could be spent on other things. If you request a commission and pay the first half, I will finish the work. If for some reason you change your mind and want to cancel after the work is completed, I do not return the half payment nor do I send the completed artwork. Make sure you are committed to getting the artwork before you commission me.

Commissions are closed at this time.  If you would like to contact me over an important or urgent subject, feel free to contact me via the contact page. 

[UPDATE] – Due to my current location, I am not comfortable with offering general commissions. If you don’t mind the risk of inconsistent shipping practices of Mongolia, then feel free to message me, either through my contact form or Facebook Messenger.

I reserve the right to decline any project.