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Please take a moment to click a couple of times to vote for this website! It isn’t mandatory for anything, but it certainly is fun to collect the awards.


10,000 votes – Platinum Award
5,000 votes – Gold Award
2,500 votes – Silver Award
1,000 votes – Bronze Award
300 votes – Pewter Award
100 votes – Copper Award

René Kunert Art Awards

Past Awards


I have gone through a number of websites over the years. Each site is still pretty special to me. Here is a little look back on history.

Who's Hell

A looooooong, long time ago, I had the online username of “WhoAmIAgain?” Of corse, no one liked typing all that out, so it was shortened to just “Who.” I started this forum for the sole purpose of just chatting and getting to know new people. It was pretty successful for a few years. After a while, I decided to start using my real-life nickname, and in doing so, the site name also changed.Unfortunately, there are no awards for this site. The voting started later.


This site was built as a spoof forum. We were organized for the sole purpose to deter actual drama queens. Let’s face it, no drama queen refers to her/himself as such. Met a ton of great people that I will never forget!

Rebel Dezigns

This is the forum I miss the most. We were a group of graphic creators referred to as “taggers.” Over time, Facebook killed it. The convenience of everything being in one place put us out of business. We certainly had some great times! There are a couple of people that I lost contact with for various reasons, but one day, I’d love to have a digital reunion. You guys reading this know who you are. We had our differences, but you are still held in my memories by the good times.

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  1. Thankyou for voting.
    Rene Kunert Art now has 2399 votes towards this years awards
    and 5077 as the total number of votes for all time

  2. Thankyou for voting.
    Rene Kunert Art now has 299 votes towards this years awards
    and 2977 as the total number of votes for all time :thumbsup: :metal: :dance: