Voting and Awards

Please take a moment to vote on website! It isn’t a requirement, but it certainly is fun to collect the awards.

Just click on the heart for your vote to count! You must wait 24 hours between votes.

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100 – Copper
200 – Pewter
300 – Bronze
500 – Silver
1000 – Gold
2000 – Platinum

2024 Awards:


2023 Awards:

2022 Awards:

2021 Awards:

You can still vote using the old site until the end of the year, and then I will be removing the vote link.


10,000 votes – Platinum Award
5,000 votes – Gold Award
2,500 votes – Silver Award
1,000 votes – Bronze Award
300 votes – Pewter Award
100 votes – Copper Award

Awards Past and Present

I have had a number of websites over the years. Here are the awards from the previous installments 😀