Still A Graphite Junkie Goal

Funding goal:

20% reached!

Most of you know, I am in the process of printing a second book with a collection of my newest graphite artwork.

The printing and all of the other expenses that came with the last book were a grand total of just over 3,000€ for the speedy job.  So to give myself a little more room for extras, I have set the goal a bit higher.  This will also help pay for advertising outlets and distribution on a personal level.  I would also like to get these books on actual bookshelves, so I need to take that into consideration.  This includes getting the ISBN for commercial sales.

I am setting the goal for 7,000€. I may be a little more, or a little less. If I overshoot the goal, I will add extras to the final result! So no one will be wasting any money or time 😉

I do not have a set schedule for this round, yet.  I am going to be a little more relaxed and take my time with everything.  I pushed myself to reach a certain time-frame with the last book.  Now that I know I can do it if I pressure myself, I am going to give myself a little more leniency with this run.  

The main difference will be: More art! Less text! There will also be a few other minor changes, but I will keep those as a surprise when the book is finally in print 🙂

I am trying to avoid kickstarter, but I may end up going that route if personal funding doesn’t work out.

There are a few ways to support this endeavor, these being the most logical:

You can purchase digital coloring books from my personal online shop:

My 2017 book is back on the shelf!

I have also created a digital PDF version of my book for you to purchase and download.

If you would like to simply make a PayPal donation:

I want to give a HUGE thank you to those who have donated and supported me throughout the last project!  From photo submissions to monetary contributions, everything has been a huge help to achieving the goal!  I couldn’t have even begun to start this journey without you all!  I hope to have the same success with this round.

If you would like to contribute a reference photo for this book, please do so! You can use the contact form of the site, or you can use the messaging system of any social medias where I am a member.

When submitting a photo, please include the following form, filled out completely. I will not use the information for any reason other than handling my personal files.

Please remember to submit the best quality photos for the best quality art. If you cannot see eyelashes, neither can I. For the best likeness, I need the best references.

See second page for artwork previews. Page may take a minute or so to load if you are on a slower internet connection.