Welcome to the official website and gallery of René Kunert. 

In these pages, you will find art and other ideas from my journey in graphite, along with tons of other things to be explored!  Check out the blog to see all of the different mediums I like to play around with, as well as my travels and other personal goodies.

This book is full of drawings and portraits, including some short descriptions of my thoughts while in the process.  And of course, there is a dedicated "Thanks" page to everyone that has helped me out through my adventure!  Check out the link below if you would like to help get this thing moving.  There is also an option to preorder before publication.  Every preorder gets me closer to the printing goal.  There are also other ways to help out, should you choose to do so  ;)


Latest  Works

Here are the most recent graphite portraits I have drawn.  You will find faces of everyone from friends to musicians.  Maybe there is even an actor or two thrown in.  Just have a look at my albums for even more!

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