Art Gallery

I have finally fixed the art gallery here on the site. I know it hadn’t been working for a couple of months, but I got a bit of free time today to do a bit of adjusting. You can now…

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Have any of you guys done Karaoke? My mom got me into it somewhat recently, and I think I have become obsessed haha! I recorded myself and then played it back. You never realize how much different you sound when…

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Trip to Bucharest

We took a trip to Bucharest from Sunday to Tuesday. Finally got around to taking the photos off of the SD card of my camera. It is a very busy city. Sooooo many people. I was expecting more “attractions” from…

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Classical Music?

First Show after 4 years of silence! It wasn’t some big known metal band or something this time, but rather a rock orchestra type thing. It was pretty fun! I enjoyed it pretty thoroughly. I wish I knew a bit…

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And Settled… sort of

I haven’t been able to draw traditionally for a while. So instead, I have been playing around with some digital stuff. At first, I was just going to make a coloring book full of skulls and roses. (That is still coming, so stay tuned) But I was convinced to color a few of them myself. So I did.

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