Year in Art 2020

2020 was not a very good year… I tried to be productive, but it just wasn’t working out. I did VERY few portraits. I tried experimenting with some other mediums and have realized that I love working on wood. It…

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Year in Art 2019

(scroll to the bottom for the art) I LOVE the vacations back home! The flight in was alright. 4 planes, but it was ok. Not the worst trip, but not the best. About average. Doable. We pretty much slept off…

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Year in Art 2018

It was a good year!

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Year in Art 2017

It has been a good year, I think!  The final signature for the year ended 2017 perfectly. I want to thank all of you that are watching me for giving me another year’s worth of motivation!  You guys keep me…

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Year in Art 2016

Well, the year is coming to an end.  Seems like only yesterday, we were just welcoming in 2016, and now it’s gone. Time sure does fly by when you get older…

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