It’s Been A While…

I know I’ve been kinda MIA for a bit. I was having a 4 week vacation.

In that trip, I became a grandma! Just look at this precious lol gal!
First photo… she was ready to go! Second photo… not so much haha! The third photo is 4 generations together on the very first day! Fourth is her daddy. He is a great father. And of course, beeeeebeeeee!
There are SO MANY more photos than this, but I’d rather she be the one to share them, since this is more her experience than mine 😉

I am still in shock about being a grandmother, though… I am way too young for this haha! But look at that little face. She is too stinking adorable!

I also got my guitar! I can’t believe it’s actually in my hands now!! I just completed my first week of lessons, so I am feeling pretty accomplished.

I had a lot of time with my mom, too. 2 weeks at her place, and two weeks at mine.
When I go see her, it’s just a trip home and having fun around the place. Karaoke, pool, movies, etc.
But I wanted her trip here to be special, since she doesn’t get to visit me often, so we planned lots of stuff for her to see.

Mom’s flight. This is only the second time she’s traveled overseas. There were some pretty cool cloud formations, so we had to get a few snaps of those.

These are just from places around town here in Sibiu.

These are from a church here that has a LOT of history. They even tried to “change” history by the paintings. A lot of them are altered to fit a more modern version of religion at the time. Vlad’s son is also burried here. I would write it all out in words, but I would need a whole book for that. So instead, here are some photos.

Agnita, Romania.

Sighişoara, Romania. Birthplace of Vlad Ţepeș (Vlad the Impaler). Sven had to give a speech here for a cultural center.

Alba Iulia, Romania

Brasov, Romania : The Black Church

Bran Castle – Literary Castle of Vlad Dracul. Most of the furnature is from Queen Marie. The last queen of Romania.

We also did some karaoke at home in my basement. We both like to sing, so it seemed only natural to do so LOL! I can imagine my neighbors aren’t too thrilled with that fact, but oh well.

And one last drink in our back yard before she had to go back home. Her way back was the very first time she ever travelled alone. I can only imagine how nerved she was by the time she hit US ground again haha!

There is SO MUCH more to see here, so I hope she can come back again one day before we have to leave again.

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