New Look?

As you can see, the site looks a bit different than it used to. Due to a little problem involving some kind of plugin conflict, all user accounts were removed. Unfortunately, this means, if you purchased a coloring page, you…

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Deleted account?

Have you thought to yourself that you could have sworn you had an account here, but it seems that nothing is working to get you logged in? I figured out what caused the problem and have fixed it.

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Technical Difficulties

Ok, streaming on Twitch has to go on a temporary hiatus. I am having some issues with my laptop. So either I have to wait until another windows update, or get my mac upgraded. I have been looking for a…

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Privacy Policy Update

We have updated our privacy policy and also the core of the website to better provide members with more control of their personal data. You can view the new Privacy Policy here:

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Data Protection and the EU

There has been a lot of talk lately about the new EU regulations on data protection.  It isn’t exactly clear to the end user what this means.  However, it appears to be a big deal in the EU government to…

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