And Settled… sort of

I haven’t been able to draw traditionally for a while. So instead, I have been playing around with some digital stuff. At first, I was just going to make a coloring book full of skulls and roses. (That is still coming, so stay tuned) But I was convinced to color a few of them myself. So I did.

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Mandala Coloring Page

Save and color as many times as you like. Digital and traditional friendly. The only thing I ask is that you don’t share the file. Send people here to download. Open up to full size before saving. Enjoy!

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Books Abound!

I just added a little over 40 pages to the coloring pages category in the shop! Be sure to check them all out! I also added a brand new category! Coloring Books! These items have 10 pages each…

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Coloring with Procreate

Huge appologies to those of you who got the email early! I accidentally hit the publish button too soon… I have had a few questions about how to color the Coloring Pages with an iPad. This little “tutorial” requires some…

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Wood Jack-O-Lanterns

I wanted to do something just a little different.  I am usually doing just portraits and cards, but I got these little wooden panels when we were in Japan years ago and I just never knew what to do with…

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