Digital Book

I have finally added a digital copy of my book to the shop! Since the physical version is currently out of stock, maybe you would like to check out the PDF instead. It has all of the same pages, except you can carry it on your phone!

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I Need Some Input

I would really appreciate some input about how you, as readers and viewers, would like me to format the upcoming book. I know quite a few of you have my first, so let’s compare it directly to that. If you…

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Still A Graphite Junkie

UPDATE Most of you know that I created a book a couple of years ago.  100% self-published.  I still have a few of those books left, if anyone is interested 😉 I am in the process of creating a second…

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Woof! I don’t draw animals often, but sometimes I make exceptions.  This would be one of those times!  Just look at that face.  How could I not take the challenge? 😀 Because of our impending move, it took me MUCH…

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Books have ARRIVED!

All preorders will be going out the door on Monday! I have to get them all signed and packed up. Patrons will get theirs when I pack up this month’s goodies! They are friggin perfect 😀

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