Back in Town

Oh man, I was out of it for the past couple of days! That is the downside of traveling so far haha!

Ok, deep breath here goes!

The trip to the states was awesome. My mom is a non-stop type of person. We were constantly out doing something.

A not-so-good incident happened RIGHT when we got there. A little backstory: I take anti-depressants. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get my normal ones in Mongolia again, so I was prescribed another one. I was supposed to take 2 days without anything, then ease into taking the new ones. That means, half a pill for a week, then taking regularly, daily. Well, I completely forgot to half the pill, so I took a whole one on the first day back on. Mistake… It sent me into the worst panic attack I have ever had in my life! I thought I was going to die… I was in the back of my step-dad’s crew cab, so I thought maybe the claustrophobia triggered it, as it happened twice. So they told me I was no longer allowed to sit in the back. I was ok with that. More on this later, though.

When I felt better, we decided to take a try at playing with UV resin. I completely forgot to take photos of the results, though… but I can definitely tell you that it was way more fun than I expected. Loads of trial and error, but in the end, we did make some pretty cool little items.

New Year’s Eve was a blast! Mom and Herb sang and Sven got wasted LOL! He says he wasn’t, but he was very “huggy” by the end of the night haha! Herb missed the countdown, too. He was so drunk that he wasn’t paying attention when midnight struck. We left at 1am, and he was still waiting for the clock to strike 12! Priceless!!

Then, she convinced me to do karaoke! Holy shit, talk about nerve-racking! But I did it! Twice!! Now, every time we visit, she is going to make me get up there and sing haha! I mean, I want to, but damn, I was a wreck! They go out singing every weekend, so they are used to it. I have a feeling that if I lived closer to them, I would probably also get used to it. I sat on a stool, because I was uncomfortable with standing. I did stand on the second round, though. No video, thankfully! I wouldn’t want to run you all away from the site haha!!

While we were there, I ate so much fish that I thought I was going to grow gills! And I was ok with that, too haha! I am allergic to iodine, so sea fish, shellfish, and any kind of sea plant is off limits. However, freshwater fish are fair game! So I ate until I couldn’t see straight haha!

I binged on a whole lot of Netflix while at their house, too. The Witcher, Lock and Key, Shadow and Bone, What We Do In The Shadows, etc. Worth it! I don’t think I have ever watched that much TV before.

I also got a new guitar to work on! This is gonna be fun! I turned over the other one from a couple of years ago, and he said he will send me photos of it put together.

I also got a new computer. Well, a notebook. And I am loving it! It has way more power than my old desktop. But hell, it has served me well for 8 years, so it was time for an upgrade.

And a few more photos from the US leg of our vacation:

After we left the US, we spent 3 weeks in Bonn Germany.

That however, was mostly medical trips. A few answers, but a whole lot of non-answers, as well. At least the docs said they didn’t believe there was an emergency. Though, one thing did scare me. After mentioning there was issues with my stomach, he said there wasn’t anything that he could do at the moment to ease the symptoms, however, he wanted to do some ultrasounds of my heart in the summer, because he didn’t believe it was my stomach causing the problems.

Now… talk about worried… lol

One answer I did get however, was that the panic attack I had earlier in the story was actually an overdose of the anti-depressants! They gave me 8x the amount I normally take. Now… that means I took 8 friggin times the normal dose during the opening phase of taking meds… I am lucky I survived that.

I didn’t get many photos from the Germany trip, though. We didn’t do a whole lot of vacation-y things.

We get to do this again in the summer, so it will be… less cold haha! Until then, this will definitely do.

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