Winter Vacation

Just giving  a head’s up.  I am going to be on vacation from Dec 15th until Jan 2nd.  Physical orders will be suspended for that time. You can still purchase products from my shop, but shipping will be delayed for…

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2017 – Germany Tour

I think this was a vacation that will be really hard to top. We took a train tour around Germany. We stopped in Hannover, Berlin, Heidelberg, Köln, Bonn, Frankfurt, and Königswinter. Beautiful cities, to say the least.  Castles, bars, architecture,…

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Photography Spam

Went out to take my first set of photos for the summer. Granted, it isn’t quite summer yet, but it was warm enough.  I have to take advantage of the weather!

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Photo Editing

Sometimes I like to play around a bit with photo editing.  Simple color adjustments only slightly touch the things you can do with Photoshop.  Everything from faux hi-def to recreating old photograph styles.  Being able to edit your photos is…

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New Photos from Tallinn

I figured today was a good day to take the camera with me to grab a few photos. They are very random, but I love the snow, so I couldn’t help myself! I am hoping we get a little more…

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