Digital Book

I have finally added a digital copy of my book to the shop! Since the physical version is currently out of stock, maybe you would like to check out the PDF instead. It has all of the same pages, except you can carry it on your phone!

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CD Album Covers

I was chatting with a friend when I came to realize that I have never done any fake album covers. Well… not fake, but not real, either. To tell you the truth, these were pretty fun. They make me actually…

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Digital Play

I have been playing a bit with digital medium. I was in a stale point of my creativity, so I needed to boost it a bit with trying out something new. I am still working out the kinks in the…

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Mushroom Kingdom

I decided to go digital. It has been a while since I did anything of substance, so this was a major accomplishment at the moment. I used an iPad, Procreate, and an Apple Pencil. Then I took it into Photoshop…

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My friend, Korok

To break up the monotony, I decided to do a little digital fan art. I have been playing Breath of the Wild for the 4th time… waiting for the new one to come out… Though, that seems like a hollow…

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