I grew up in a small town in South Arkansas. There wasn’t a whole lot to do to ease the boredom of country life. Sitting at home pestering the parents was the next best thing to sipping moonshine and cow-tipping. However fun they may seem, those options are not that great for the teenier crowd.  The “terrible twos” was strong with this one. There was pretty much a regular elbow-shaped bruise on my forehead from being constantly within arm’s distance.

Coming from an artistic family, I was destined to continue the path of artistry. My grandmother painted, my mother draws, my siblings all have creative interests (well, mostly)…

After my mother’s continuous begging for peace, came those famous words: “Go draw something, will ya!?”  She handed me my first sheet of paper and a sharpened pencil. That was the hook that caught the big one.

Drawing became my passion, my pride, my life.

There were many phases in the journey to art-dom.  First came tracing. Then came fanart. After that, experiments in just about everything you can think of – even tattooing.  There was a brief period between the ages of 17 and 23 where I got my license for tattooing and sterilization.  Continuous moving put that to an end.

A couple of community college art classes later, I decided to step outside of my comfort area.  That is when tragedy struck…

“Go home, little girl.  You don’t have what it takes.”

Those were the words that almost broke the filly.  6 long years went by without so much as a doodle.

It was the Paint Shop Pro tagging community that regained my faith in the art business.  I started designing digital scrap kits for web-use hobbyists.  With that came the mingling with a few artists. I met some amazing talents that didn’t project that same “holier-than-thou” attitude that sent me into that downward spiral.  So much came from the experience that I picked up my pencils once again and began to draw.

And draw, I did.

I have now been traveling the world since 2007 and have visited 3 continents, several countries, and dozens of cities.  My drawings are scattered across the globe and more is yet to come!