traits right now… It has been a while since I drew anything larger. I don’t want to start much that I have to take with me. The portraits I have now are taking up a LOT of room…

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Digital Book

I have finally added a digital copy of my book to the shop! Since the physical version is currently out of stock, maybe you would like to check out the PDF instead. It has all of the same pages, except you can carry it on your phone!

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CD Album Covers

I was chatting with a friend when I came to realize that I have never done any fake album covers. Well… not fake, but not real, either. To tell you the truth, these were pretty fun. They make me actually…

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I Made It!

I am actually surprised, but I made it through another month of the Daily Art challenge! I have been trying to keep my pencil moving, because I don’t want to end up going on another 6 month hiatus… Those are…

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Week 3 of the Daily Art Challenge

Every month, there is a list of prompts on the forum to create art every day of the month. There are no strict rules… just draw! You don’t even have to finish every single day. Hell, you can even work…

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