On Monday, July 4th, I will be taking a trip to the states.  I make this trip every year, but this time I will be making a “side quest” to Oregon!  I am sure LOADS of photos will come!  I…

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So it began, so it shall end

This is definitely not my normal but it has proven to be pretty fun. This work is a representation of certain religions.  From Eve, to the tree of knowledge, to the serpent, to the burning bush, to the crosses, and…

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I actually cleaned my art room!  There aren’t any boxes and packing materials laying everywhere.  The drawers have all been put away in their right places.  All my finished artwork and posters have been put away.  Well, except the 4…

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Personal Project

This project was inspired by my need to stand while drawing. I bought myself a painter’s easel, but they don’t have anything to place your paper on if you want to draw.  I went to the paper store and bought…

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FINALLY! – A New Playhouse

I have decided to take the plunge and actually create myself an art-based website to use as my online portfolio.  I am quite new to this blogging thing, so just sit tight while I work out all of the kinks….

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