Time: About 2.5 hours.
Size: A4


Schoellershammer 4R paper
Mechanical pencil with Pentel Hi Poly leads, Mitsiubishi and Boesner pencils
Lyra graphite sticks
Kneaded Eraser
Electric Eraser
Various Brushes

A pretty good friend here in Ulaanbaatar is having a birthday on the 27th. (I hope she isn’t looking here haha!) I want to surprise her with a drawing. Of course, she will also be included in the book, so I get a little something out of this, too haha! wink

I am really rusty with portraits right now… It has been a while since I drew anything larger. I don’t want to start much that I have to take with me. The portraits I have now are taking up a LOT of room…

Anyway, back to the topic at hand!

Here are the progress photos from this round.

I did record this one, so here is the speed video!

Until next time!

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