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Not much has been going on with the Graphite ventures at the moment. My situation with not being able to get out of Mongolia for the past couple of years has really put a damper on my motivation to draw. The one downsides I have to that… if I am not sending any art out the door, I don’t want to make art. Other people’s happiness is what motivates me. So not being able to ship things has put me in a bit of a downward spiral. Hopefully, this time next year, I will be back into it full swing!

Until then, I am satisfying one of my other hobbies. Dolls and hats! Crochet, of course.

These are a few that I have finished over the past couple of weeks.

I am also learning to knit. This is my very first item!

I underestimated the need for long cables on the cabled needles, so I had to put in a line and remove the needles. This was just a very first practice run, so excuse the colors haha!

As soon as I get a longer cable, I am going to continue. I am grateful for having learned crochet first, though, because it made tensioning so much easier. However, I do amis mostly, so I need to work on LOOSENING the tension a little haha!

I am pretty proud of my first attempt! I have a goal. There is this “hidden” skull shawl that I absolutely need. I have a long way to go before I get that good, but I am trying!

A bit of forum news.

Of course, it is of to a bit of a slow start. But I was expecting that, since I can’t send out physical items yet for swaps. If you are interested in holding a swap, you know where to find me! All you need is a stable address and the ability to keep up with the incoming mail, as well as send out again on time.

The Secret Pumpkin swap is really about to get going! Names are being passed out in the next few hours. I really hope the players enjoy themselves with this event!

That about wraps it up!

Until next time… :metal:

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