Secret Halloween Gift Exchange

I am sure I have posted this enough lately lol, but I have started a forum for art. Even if you aren’t artistically inclined, you can still be included on the activities. And who knows, maybe it will convince you to pick up a brush or pencil. Or maybe a marker, even.

If you are up for a secret Halloween gift exchange (kind of like a secret Santa, but for Halloween), now is the time to check out the forum! Signups will close on September 1st, to make sure there is enough time to get some attention. I will pair up everyone shortly after! Read more here:

And while we are talking about it, there are new art challenges posted, as well. Sketching, photography, zentagles, as well as a Build-A-Theme challenge. And there is also a Daily Art area, where you can make one sketch per day using prompts for the month. These are a good way to keep you motivated to do a little bit every day. Practice makes perfect!

Ohhh we also have contests! You can win things by competing with the other members.

And if you don’t want to do any art, you can always just mingle with some creative people. Games, Jokes, and regular old Chit Chat is welcome!

We’d love to see you there.

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