Have any of you guys done Karaoke? My mom got me into it somewhat recently, and I think I have become obsessed haha!

I recorded myself and then played it back. You never realize how much different you sound when you actually hear yourself through other people’s ears.

If you’ve never tried it, you totally should. Not to let others here it, necessarily, but to let yourself hear it. You might be surprised.

I am a metal-head by heart, as most of you already know, but yeah… I don’t sing metal. I’d probably kill myself trying! So, girly vocal stuff it will be.

This is the first time I have ever made a recording of myself, not to mention making it public, so go easy on me! I tried doing “Oh Daddy” from Fleetwood Mac. I wanted to hear what I sound like when I go to the bars wit my mom.

This is the original song:

And this is my karaoke version lol. Don’t be too rough on me. The only people who have heard me sing is my mom and her karaoke club haha! (and my kids of course)

Ignore the beep, that was my dishwasher -.-

I can’t wait to get back state-side to make another trip to the karaoke bar! If anyone is around Little Rock Arkansas, you should check out F.O.E.

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