Deleted account?

Have you thought to yourself that you could have sworn you had an account here, but it seems that nothing is working to get you logged in? I figured out what caused the problem and have fixed it.

I kept getting notifications about accounts being deleted. At first, I thought it was the members removing themselves. Maybe I post too often, or maybe the site was sending out emails in the background that I was unaware of… nope…

Apparently, the cart I use will delete inactive accounts. As of today, it was set for 1 year. So if you hadn’t logged in for a year, it removed you from the database. Not just removed, but completely eliminated. Which means, if you purchased anything prior to the removal, it will no longer be in your account should you make a new one.

I have since upped the time limit to 3 years. However, if you have lost anything from your account, just send me the receipts of your purchase and I will add it back into a new account that you create.

You will need to log into your account within that time period to keep it active. You don’t need to necessarily purchase anything, but I wouldn’t say no if you did wink

I am so sorry about this and I hope this doesn’t discourage you from participating in the future.

Happy arting!

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