New Look?

As you can see, the site looks a bit different than it used to.

Due to a little problem involving some kind of plugin conflict, all user accounts were removed. Unfortunately, this means, if you purchased a coloring page, you can no longer log in to retrieve it! However, if you still have your receipts, I will honor all refill requests until the end of the year.

From this moment on, you will not need an account to purchase coloring pages. Simply check out as normal by filling out all of the required fields. But this also means that the data on your purchase will not be accessible to you. I will only have a copy of the purchases for my personal files.

It could be that I will need to manually fill orders. If you make a purchase, rest assured, I will be there to send your coloring pages the next day.

[edit] I did a test and I believe all downloads will be available in your receipt email. This means you won’t need to wait for your orders! Thank Bob, right??

Please allow me at least 24 hours before contacting over a purchase. If you need any more information about this, or if you have concerns, you can either use the contact form, or you can comment directly on this post. I will try to answer as many questions as I can!

I am so sorry about this! Technology has really been doing my head in lately…

However, I did have a backup of the posts and images on site, so all of those have been returned, but the site no longer has the same look. I had to change the theme since all of my template change and theme information was removed.

If you have any trouble browsing the site, please let me know!

2 thoughts on “New Look?

  1. Oh no! I am sorry this happened. I am also sorry that I can’t get logged back in. Oh well, though. We can still enjoy your company, even if it’s just through comments smile

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