And Settled… sort of

It has been a really hectic few months! We are finally in Romania, except we are missing all of our things still. Thankfully, the house we are renting is furnished, so we aren’t camping out in here like before haha!

I know some of you were waiting on a review. Unfortunately, because I don’t want to cause another stir like I did a couple of years ago, I have decided to post the review on my forum. You can go check it out there, if you like. Keep in mind, this is 100% a personal opinion and it does not reflect the views of anyone else I am associated with.

Back to the good stuff!

I haven’t been able to draw traditionally for a while. So instead, I have been playing around with some digital stuff. At first, I was just going to make a coloring book full of skulls and roses. (That is still coming, so stay tuned) But I was convinced to color a few of them myself. So I did.

This isn’t all of the pages. I have done quite a few more, so if you like coloring, be sure to keep following me on Facebook for more information when it’s available.

I also got another guitar for doing some more art. I handed off the other one to get fixed up. I can’t wait to learn to play that bad boy! I will post updated photos of those, as well, as soon as I get some updates.

And as a final thought. Don’t forget that I do have a forum where you can post your art, get challenged, or just chat with other members. More people means more activity.

I hope to see you there!

Keep on rockin, you lovely people.

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