On Monday, July 4th, I will be taking a trip to the states.  I make this trip every year, but this time I will be making a “side quest” to Oregon!  I am sure LOADS of photos will come! 

I will only have 4 days in Oregon, so my camera will be pretty much an extra appendage.  Hell, sounds good to me!  It’s been a while since I got any new photography.  I may even see about getting a cheap tripod for some decent shots.  We shall see.

I will be taking a few simple art supplies with me, so I may also get some Sketch Cards done.  Maybe even fill a few trades that have been hanging in Limbo for a couple of weeks.

I will probably not be updating my blog much in these 3 weeks, though, but when I get back, expect loads of newness! ?

I will also be sending out this month’s post cards before I leave, so no worries!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation!  That is, unless you are on the other side of the planet, then, I hope your heaters are working well.

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