I actually cleaned my art room!  There aren’t any boxes and packing materials laying everywhere.  The drawers have all been put away in their right places.  All my finished artwork and posters have been put away.  Well, except the 4 that are standing at the back.  I am way too proud of those to pack them out of sight.  A signed and an unsigned poster from Socionic, a “stolen” poster from a Combichrist concert, and one from an underground dark/darkwave festival that I attended right next door to my house. 

There is also a ton of other artwork hanging around my studio from Dirk Richter, Anne Stokes, Shirley Smith, Regan Kubecek, and various others.

There is not a whole lot of shelf space in here, even though it appears that way.  Most of the cabinets and shelves are taken up by our huge span of books.  Well, some of them – the rest are upstairs.

Take a long look!  This does not happen often, and I am sure the clutter will be back VERY soon. ?


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