Contest Time!

Want to win one of my previous books?

I’d like you to draw me a ladybug!

Skill level is irrelevant. Style is irrelevant. Age is irrelevant. However, the more thought and effort put into it, the more of a chance you have to win ;)
Impressionist, abstract, realism, cubism- all is welcome!!

There will be three winners.

  • One will be chosen randomly by
  • One will be “public choice;” this means the one with the most likes.
  • The other will be my own favorite.

You can post your results here in the comment section, or you can comment on the official Facebook post.

Contest ends on December 10th. Good luck and happy creating!

— Disclaimer – I will not claim your ladybug. Your art is yours. I will not use these images in any manner other than this contest. I will, however, display them (with full credits) on my website in a blog post.

Author: René

I sharpen pencils for a living.

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