Just Another Graphite Junkie


120 page, hardcover collection of graphite artwork that spans over the course of 10 years. Most of the artwork was created in 2017, including most of the portraits and sketch cards.

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René is an artist from South Arkansas. In spite of all obstacles, she has pushed through until the walls could no longer hold her.

  • “Go draw something, will ya!?”
  • “Go home, little girl.  You don’t have what it takes.”
  • “Anyone can do whatever they want.”
  • “You have a special something. Don’t waste it!”
  • “Why don’t you be a little more creative.  This isn’t creative.”
  • “This isn’t special.  My little brother can do this, too.  You should check out his drawings.”
  • “You aren’t supposed to draw it this way.  Try this instead…”
  • “You keep doing what makes you happy!”
  • “Don’t ever worry about what other people think.  That is none of your business.”

She has now been traveling the world since 2007 and has visited 3 continents, several countries, and dozens of cities. Her drawings are scattered across the globe and more is yet to come!


All Artwork © René Kunert (with the exception of the shared copyright of the collaboration with Dirk Richter)

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February, 2018




René Kunert – Self Published


René Kunert




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