UpDo – Digital drawing

Reference photo by Kirilee Austin-Lennerts This took me a couple of days to complete because I am not used to working with digital means. I used the Pro Create app on a large screen iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil….

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Digtal FanArt

Sven recently got himself an iPad Pro, but I ended up taking it over. I don’t think he has even touched it, yet. haha! I also had an Apple Pencil that I couldn’t use with my old iPad mini, so…

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Ville Valo

Ville Valo – Photo reference by Erik Niemeyer First Row Pictures – Thanks for the photo! After I got started, I thought it felt a little strange. I realized too late that I grabbed the wrong paper! *oops* But I…

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Chris Harms

Sorry about the hair… Apparently I have my camera set a little too low. I didn’t notice that until I started editing. I tried a different camera angle, but apparently this one isn’t good haha! I will move it again…

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Skull Moth

I just realized that I completely forgot to post this here… what the hell is wrong with me LOL! I think I am slipping further and further into flakiness… haha Credits to:mjranum-stock for the beautiful ladyChristasVengel-stock for the awesome skullftourini-stock…

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