Digtal FanArt

Sven recently got himself an iPad Pro, but I ended up taking it over. I don’t think he has even touched it, yet. haha! I also had an Apple Pencil that I couldn’t use with my old iPad mini, so this gave me the chance to actually try it out.

For the record… he may not be getting it back, now. LOL! Here is my first attempt at an actual digital painting using Pro Create and and Apple Pencil.

My review? If you want to create on the go, that is a good enough reason to get the Pencil! If you don’t draw or paint (or do caligraphy), then it would be pretty useless. I don’t regret spending the money on it! Now I can create even more art for you guys!! WOOT!

And another thing coming soon. ART BOOK! I have began the process to get the book created. It will still take some time to get everything done since I am trying my best to do everything myself. There is a huge learning curve to getting a book published, but I am diving in head first! bigsmile Wish me luck!

Here is the SpeedPaint video for you guys to enjoy.

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