2017 – Germany Tour

I think this was a vacation that will be really hard to top. We took a train tour around Germany. We stopped in Hannover, Berlin, Heidelberg, Köln, Bonn, Frankfurt, and Königswinter. Beautiful cities, to say the least.  Castles, bars, architecture, bars, boats, trains, bars, art, restaurants… And did I mention bars?

Our first stop was Frankfurt, then took the long train to Bonn.  We stayed the first week there in Sven’s parents place.  Just took it easy for the first part of the vacation.  Ate, drank, and hung out with his sister and her fiancé.

After that, we went to Berlin.  Stayed the night in a pretty simple hotel and then strolled around town a little.  We didn’t do a whole lot there.  We’ve lived there before, so it seemed a little “uninteresting” compared to the rest of the trip.  We didn’t really take many photos of our stay in Berlin; we mostly just reminisced a little.

Vac-2017-6 Vac-2017-5 Vac-2017-8 Vac-2017-12 Vac-2017-14 Vac-2017-13

Then the trip took a turn to Hannover.  Met up with Dirk Richter!  That alone made the trip so very worth it.  We finally signed the piece that we collaborated on in 2016.  This is still one of my favorite projects I have ever done.

Oh, and lots of beer! LOL

Coming towards the end of the evening, we decided to do a little bit of drunken doodling.  ?

Good times, good times!

Back to Bonn.  I had to do a little recovering from that wing of the vacation, so we stayed a few nights back at Sven’s parent’s house.  I ended up getting sick from too much iodine in the food, so there wasn’t much I could do, anyway.

Now comes Heidelberg! We strolled around through the streets, and of course, I had to stop at this one!

We had to also visit the castle while we were there!  Can’t pass up that opportunity bigsmile

Vac-2017-19 Vac-2017-20 Vac-2017-24 Vac-2017-29 Vac-2017-22 Vac-2017-21 Vac-2017-26 Vac-2017-25 Vac-2017-27 Vac-2017-23 Vac-2017-31 Vac-2017-30 Vac-2017-28 Vac-2017-34 Vac-2017-36 Vac-2017-32 Vac-2017-38 Vac-2017-33 Vac-2017-35 Vac-2017-39 Vac-2017-37 Vac-2017-41 Vac-2017-40 Vac-2017-42

Met an online friend and took a little boat ride on the river.  Afterward we had a nice little dinner at a local restaurant and had a couple of beers. It was a pretty nice afternoon.

Back to Bonn we go!  Had a few drinks with Sven’s sister and her fiancé. Discussed a little about some minor details of their wedding.  It quickly got out of hand haha!

Those were some of the most disgusting things I have ever put into my mouth!

Next leg of the vacation, we went to Drachenfelz in Königswinter. It was rainy and foggy, but that just added to the awesomeness of the view, in my opinion.

Vac-2017-57 Vac-2017-54 Vac-2017-55 Vac-2017-53 Vac-2017-52 Vac-2017-56 Vac-2017-58 Vac-2017-59 Vac-2017-61 Vac-2017-60

Afterward, we decided to take a stop in Köln.  We only stayed a couple of hours.  Took a few photos of the Kölner Dom and had a beer smile

Vac-2017-65 Vac-2017-64 Vac-2017-63

The final touch to an amazing vacation was the wedding of my sister-in-law and her fiancé.  Congratulations, again, guys!  It was a beautiful wedding smile

And of course… the after party haha! wink
4 am sure did come quickly ?

And last of all… My favorite part of any vacation: The trip home!

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