Patreon Wallpaper

New desktop wallpaper available on my Patreon! You must be a Patron to download.

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Still a Graphite Junkie

Still going with the second book! This one is taking MUCH longer than the last one. I still have 2 years left in Mongolia, so I want to take this time to get it JUST right before having it printed….

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Still Going!

I am still working on that second book! I have just been a whole lot slower this time. If you’d like to see yourself in the next one, you can shoot me a message with a photo you’d like to…

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Lack of work

I am still alive! I promise! I haven’t been really up to drawing much since November… So many things have been holding me back, including myself

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FUCK Hairspray!

I keep seeing, over and over again, that people are suggesting to use hairspray to fix their art from smudging. That is the ONLY THING IN ART that crawls under my skin. DON’T use hairspray if you value your art…

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