Trip to Bucharest

We took a trip to Bucharest from Sunday to Tuesday.

Finally got around to taking the photos off of the SD card of my camera.

It is a very busy city. Sooooo many people. I was expecting more “attractions” from the city, but it is visitor friendly. I don’t think I’d want to live there, though. Like I said, looooooooots of people. But there was one bar that I could have seen myself living across haha! It played 90s-00s alt/grunge music. We had a beer, and then I didn’t want to leave it!

We didn’t really test out any of the local cuisine, though. We had so much to do that we just went to Burger King and took it back to the hotel.

It was a pretty good trip. Might have to do it again when we have a little free time.

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