Now that a new year has begun, maybe I can actually focus on drawing again. This vacation has been doing me some good! I have a few ideas rolling around already!

And now that I have a new notebook, maybe I can start streaming a little again. It is going to be rough at first, since Tonya isn’t here to keep me constant company, anymore, but I’ll have to get through that. Might just start off slow. I’ll give more info on that once we get back “home.”

I didn’t set myself any kind of resolution this year, because I’ve just been winging it the past couple of years… shit’s been tough.

We leave here this weekend, headed for Bonn to see the in-laws for a couple of weeks. Might get a little work done while we are there, too. Got a few medical things to take care of, as well.

Then back to Mongolia. I’m not really looking forward to going back, because I saw some photos of how bad the smog is at the moment… lol. May as well prepare my lungs ?

mill be back later with some pictures and stuff.

I hope everyone has had a great start to 2022. Let’s hope this one is kinder than the last 2 years.

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