Some News and Cards

I’ve had a pretty productive couple of weeks. So much done!

First, I will start with the cards I have drawn since the 1st.

I’ve been trying to work on getting a more “whimsical” style in some of my art. I want to get a more wide variety of cards available when I can start shipping again.

I have over 250 cards now. In addition to trading, I will be also giving my cards (as well as other card related stuff) as prizes for contests and participation on the forum! If you would like to reserve one of my cards, head over there and let me know. I will also be selling and trading for non-artwork related items. More information on that coming soon.

Speaking of the forum… have you seen it lately?? There has been MAJOR changes! This will be the only big change, since the software was pretty expensive. I know stability is really important to a lot of people, so I will try my best to only do maintenance updates from here out.

The gallery is much cleaner and members have more control over their own content.

Remember, this is OUR home, not just mine. If you have any suggestions that would keep you interested, please let us know!

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