June Newsletter – LDSA

Hi Everyone!!

Most of you realize by now that I started a forum for trading art cards. This forum is open to everyone. You can either come trade your already created items, or you can learn to start trading from scratch!

Wooo! It’s our 2 month anniversary for having the forum! How about that. I hope we continue for many MANY months more! About 134,573 to be exact.

Let’s Do Some Art!

Right this moment, we have our first Trade-Athon in motion! The theme is Summer Solstice! If you would like to get into a fast-paced trading event, come have a look! This event lasts until the end of August, so you have time to get lots of art drawn for trade. Be sure to check out the rules and guidelines for sharing your art for trade during the event.

If you are unsure of how to start your trading, you can check out our Knowledge Base for all kinds of helpful information. If you are still unsure of what to do, you can always PM an admin or moderator with questions or concerns. Don’t be afraid! Just jump right in like you own the place!

Don’t forget about the challenges! These challenges are only meant for your own amusement. You can trade your art afterward. You can only improve by the more challenges you take!

June Daily Art
Sketch Challenge – June
Build a Theme – June
Photography Challenge – June
Zentangle Challenge – June
Draw this Again
Kokeshi Challenge
I want to see…
Funny Faces – 2021
Uncomfort Zone

Don’t forget that you can start your own challenges! If you have an idea, feel free to post it. Don’t be shy!

The voting for the Petals and Leaves contest is also underway! Be sure to come and pick a your favorite! Voting is open until June 12!

As time progresses, we will have even more contests with even more prizes to win!

On that note, if you would like to donate to the server or to the contest prizes,every little bit helps! The more donations, the bigger we can make prize packages!
The forum auto-donate feature is turned off at the moment until the developer of the extension fixed a couple of major issues. Until then, I will be doing it all manually.

Be sure to check out the gallery, too, while you are here! And also, don’t forget to upload your own artwork! If you would like a template to display your work, you can find it in the Resources and Info section.

If you are lost for inspiration, come check out the References section to pick out a photo to transform into art!

If you don’t have the motivation for the arts today, check out the Humor Zone and the Posting Games for a little bit of time passing. You can also post your own game ideas and funny jokes. Let’s all share our entertainment!

As time passes, and more participation starts happening, we will have a Member of the Month section here. There will be several factors in finding a member of the month. It could be participation, artwork quality, motivational speaker, etc. A little blurb will be included on why the person was chosen. Stay tuned for all that!

We hope you enjoy your stay here with us! And if you have any suggestions, be sure to post them in the Suggestions forum, or you can PM an admin!

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