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I am sure some of you have heard about the recent drama in the art world. Just so my intentions are clear:

Altering someone else’s art is NEVER ok. Telling someone their art is “bad” and then “fixing” it is never ok. Being disrespectful to someone else’s hard work is never ok.

I don’t care if you don’t like the artist’s work. I don’t care if you think the artist’s work is to risqué. I don’t care if you think women are portrayed badly in art. I don’t care. NEVER alter someone else’s work. You can leave your reviews, or even draw a version ON YOUR OWN that you think would be more acceptable to you. But… leave your stinking pencil/pen/brush/stylus away from another artist’s work.

Now… J Scott Campbell is like a beacon in the art world. He is one of the big dogs that a lot of upcoming artists aspire to be. His work is pretty legendary, and very recognizable. His art is not for everyone, though. Some people may call it unacceptable, even. But it isn’t their call to tell an artist that their work is “bad” or that it needs a make-over.

Now, with that out of the way, in the wake of that event, he created his own challenge for all artists to draw one of his works in their own style. You can read more about that HERE. It’s pretty good, so definitely check it out!

I almost slipped, though… I tried to make a version of the art in a style that ISN’T mine. I failed… terribly. I forgot that I don’t do color… It… is… bad.

That is what I call terrible art! And I can say that, because it is my own haha! It is so bad, that I trashed it. No way I was going to be keeping that monstrosity in my own sight…

But, instead of giving up on the challenge, I tried again, this time, in my ACTUAL style. I felt so much better with this go!

So much better.

Huge thanks to J Scott Campbell for the challenge! I thoroughly enjoyed it, all while learning more about myself! I haven’t drawn anything seriously all year, so this was a VERY welcome inspiration. Kinda makes me wish I did more comic book styled art lol

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