A little guitar

It’s been a little while since I posted anything of substance. I have been a bit preoccupied with procrastination…

A little while back, I got a guitar in the mail from Keith Brown of Just Sayin’.

I have been wanting to do this forever, but as soon as I got it in my hands, my heart started racing! I really was nervous about touching it with a pencil. So many questions ran through my head. Do I paint it first? Do I need a primer of some kind? How am I going to ship it back? How do I protect it from smudging?? You know, the normal panic that comes with starting something brand new.

I figured I would just say… fuggit! Let’s get started.

So… I started. I got an outline sketch done and I freaked. “Oh god! I messed up! I can’t go back and do it again!”

Ok. Don’t panic. Just keep going. But I couldn’t! I stared at it for 3 days before going any further.

But I went ahead.

Officially freaking out now. What have I gotten myself into??? Ugh! This is going to be crappy…

Push on, René. Push on…

Yeah… I am hating this right now. So I am going to put it away and stop looking at it. I got a piece of cloth and covered it up for about a week. I couldn’t handle the fact that I screwed up this guitar that I have been waiting years on…

I wanted to just give it up. I will just stick with paper.

No. I promised myself I wouldn’t chicken out! I must continue!


No turning back, just keep going. If I screw up, I can just sand it back down, right? I am hating myself right now.

Just keep on going. You are about 30% there.

Ok. Maybe this won’t be too bad. We can fix some things… pencil is erasable. But… no, no it isn’t. Not on wood, it seems haha!

Fuck it. Finish this!

Ok. It’s looking alright now. But I adjusted the contrast pretty drastically for this, so I figured I needed to add a little something to the outlines. Maybe ink. Ink is good.

Ok! This is ok! Not bad. I don’t know why I was so worried!

The photo doesn’t do it a whole lot of justice because, well, it’s just a photo. There are a bunch of shiny silver “bubbles” in there to give it that underwater feel. By the way, the woodgrain totally worked for the water look.

Ignore the LEGO figures. They are just my support team haha!

So now, the next step is to get it back to it’s owner. Hopefully, he will be happy with the turnout!

After that, he will do the sealing and assembly! Once he is done with all of that, I will be back to show the final product 🙂

I am honored by this experience, as well as humbled and still a bit shaken 😆

From what I was understanding, this won’t be the last time I decorate a guitar. I have learned a LOT from this and will definitely try a few improvements with the next.

Until then!

2 thoughts on “A little guitar

  1. It is absolutely beautiful! Honestly, I am the one that is now worried about messing it up! Lol

    1. The good thing is, we can always sand and start again 😉 I have a bit more confidence now that I have done this the first time! I can’t wait for the next one.

      This one is kind of like our “test run.” We can figure out what works and what doesn’t and do better on the next 😀

      I have already got a ton more ideas floating around, another sketch in progress :metal:

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