The Rose [Completed]

FINALLY!  It’s finally finished.  It took an uncomfortable amount of time to finish this.  It isn’t my best work, but this is one of the only times I can honestly say I did NOT use any kind of reference photos.  I looked.  Believe me, I looked… but I just couldn’t find the references I wanted, so I just winged it.

Not bad for that fact.  I didn’t think I could do it LOL

NSFW content. Proceed with caution!

But here it is.  In all of it’s vulgar splendor.  Yeah, I don’t think Facebook is going to like this one much haha!

This one will definitely be going into the book, so I hope there is none of my family or friends who will be offended by it.

This was seriously out of my comfort zone. I usually just stick to portraits, but I really wanted to do something a little different. I do have 2 other larger rose women, but this one is a bit more… obscene?

Anyway!  Back to the old grind.  Hopefully this marks the end of my art block.

As always, keep on rockin’!

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