Yep, still going! I do love a good challenge, especially when I am doubting myself (like lately). I had people suggest my fanarts on Facebook.

What is this? https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/sixfanarts

(Most likely) started by @mcapriglioneart on Twitter. Basically, you have others choose your work for you! Then you take their suggestions and create your “meme” from them. Can be traditional or digital. Just whatever you do, it’s gotta be a fan art.

Here is my second block of the challenge.

I have covered the other titles, because I don’t want anything given away just yet LOL. Was your prompt chosen? I guess you will find out!

If you would like to join this challenge, you can take the template and share it on your social media to get your suggestions 🙂 Be sure to tag it with #sixfanarts so others can find your work!

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