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I found a new way to edit my videos on Twitch and have spent today re-uploading a few. This means the view count and date are all wrong, but that’s ok. I don’t mind starting over with numbers lol

I just want you all to know that I am most definitely NOT finished with Twitch! I can’t wait until I can start up again! I really miss you guys…

If you would like to help with my laptop fund, there are several ways!

  • You can purchase coloring pages and other items from here in the shop.
  • You can purchase my digital tagging (scraps, tubes, and animations) items from Creative Design Outlet.
  • You can donate directly here on the website.
  • You can send tips through StreamLabs.

All donations and purchases are HIGHLY appreciated. When I get back to streaming, you all can expect a little shoutout in my first video wink

Here are the most recent new edits.

I will continue editing and uploading over the next few days. More to come!

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