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My internet is being a jerk, so streaming has been put on hold until October 1st. In the meantime, I have a few other things going on.

There has been a lot of yarn-play in my studio, lately. I finally learned how to actually read patterns, so I have been going crazy with them lol. Here are the most recent items.

I made a bath pouf. This thing is the bane of my existence! It is scratchy as hell, heavy when wet (so heavy that if I tossed it out the 14th floor window, someone would be without a windshield), takes forever to dry, and doesn’t foam the soap at all… Acrylic yarn, so I thought it would be better. Nope.

So I decided to make another one using a different yarn. This is a polyester noodle yarn. I got it from some random craft store in Tallinn. This one foams, is lightweight, dries like it should… and is really soft, so it doesn’t scrub, but it feels really nice!

A couple of triangular scarves. These can also be used as shawls, but since I don’t wear those, then scarves they are! I finally, after 32 years of crochet, learned how to read patterns! These are two that I have done so far that use patterns. If you’d like to see the patterns: Here and here.

I realized I was wearing the black and white one inside out… so here is the actual pattern lol

This scarf doesn’t use a pattern. I just blocked the skull out on some graph paper and used the filet stitch to complete it.

I don’t really ever wear dresses, but I have been wanting to make one for a LONG time. So this is the result. I somewhat used a pattern, but I kind of went off on my own direction, anyway. The pattern for the base is here.

This one was inspired by walking around town. So many people! Being the introvert that I am, I could not help myself… Again, no pattern. Just blocked out words and filet stitch to complete it. The border is just a mini-fan-stitch.

Which leads me to today. I am working with an Angora wool yarn. Itchy stuff! But it’s pretty, so I must continue! Nice autumn colors. They say it will soften up after washing, but I am going to experiment with hair conditioner… I mean, it is a natural hair fiber, after all. Wish me luck!

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