Paulo Jr.

Time: 8 hours
Size: A4


Schoellershammer 4R paper
Mitsubishi Hi-Uni and Faber-Castell pencils
Kneaded Eraser
Electric Eraser
Various Brushes
Tissue/Paper Towel

I saw Sepultura here in Mongolia in April. They had a TERRIBLE time here. They didn’t even have towels supplied for the hot ass stage… they were in such a bad mood by the time we got to meet them. I felt horrible for them. Nothing was prepared. Their bus was late. They didn’t have proper accommodations or anything… it was just all around a crappy experience on their part.

However, I actually got them all to stand still enough for me to grab photos of them with my phone. I even got permission to draw them to include in my book! YAY! So that part is at least good for me. But… I am going to be nervous as fuck, because they want a copy, too. 0.0 Handing over artwork to the person I draw is always nerve-racking…

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