I Made a Thing!

I made a thing LOL! It took AGES to do, but I got it done!  I overshot the length, though… it’s wrapped twice.   I think I read somewhere that a scarf should be as long as a person is tall.  Well, I am pretty sure this one is close to twice my height haha! 

It was pretty funny when I rolled it up for packing… It looks like unicorn poop! 

I also made another of these beforehand, but I didn’t want to show it off just yet.  I guess now is a good time, though.  This one was a gift to a friend.  I don’t think it has arrived to its destination yet, so I hope she isn’t reading this post wink

The lovely model is my daughter.

I have been crocheting damn-near my entire life.  Started when I was 8.  Though, I usually stick to dolls and things, but needed to do something a little different.  I do love making these, so I may do a few more! bigsmile

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