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Some news to get the Holiday Season kicked off!

I have added a few new things to the store!  Including some exclusive individual animation files that aren’t at Creative Design Outlet.  Depending on the popularity of these, there may be some more coming in the future.

Also, until December 31st, you can use this coupon code to get 15% off of your shop order!


Simply click on the link and add items to your cart!  The discount will be automatically applied.  Discount is applicable to all art, prints, and digital items.  Raffle tickets and Mystery Box are not included.

I also have a few items at TeeSpring.  I may add a few more things there in the future. 

Remember, art makes great gifts! 

I really need a bit of support to get the book off the ground. Right now, all files are ready, and the guy from the printing service said it would make a fantastic book. I was kind of surprised by his surprise! The only thing holding me back now is the cost of the printing. It is almost double what I thought it would be. If you are feeling generous and would like to help me out, you can do so by purchasing artwork or becoming a Patron.

You can subscribe to my Patreon account:

If you would like to purchase artwork or prints:

If you would like to simply make a one-time donation to help me out:

Every bit helps! Even if it does mean pushing the date back until after the new year, I WILL get this book done, eventually.


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