Reference: A photo sent to me from the early-to-mid-40’s. 

This drawing will not be included in the book, as it stands.  More information on that later.

Remember, now is the time to get those Holiday orders in!  If you don’t have the budget for an original work, I have plenty of prints for you to choose from.

The sweetest thing happened while drawing this one.  I was sitting at the coffee shop, as usual, and a little girl, who looked about 4 years old, decided to hang over my shoulder and watch.  I don’t speak enough Estonian to have known everything she was telling her mother, but I am pretty sure I caught just enough to understand she wanted to draw like this too!  *proud moment*  It almost brought tears!  I certainly hope she remembers that moment and pursues that dream 🙂  It is worth it.

Time: About 3.5 hours
Size: A4

Schoellershammer paper
Faber-Castell Pencils
Lyra Woodless Pencils
Pebo Kneaded Eraser
Electric Eraser
Various Brushes

Unfortunately, I do not have any progress shots of this one.  I was too absorbed in drawing  lol 

This commission is meant to be a gift for a friend of a friend.  Now… I hope she isn’t reading this blog, because then the surprise would be spoiled.  I was reluctant to post this, but the person who commissioned said it would be ok to post here, just not on FaceCrack  😛 

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