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Submissions for the 2017 art book are closed! If you would still like to submit an artwork for recommendation, you can do that for future books! I don’t plan on this being the last ;)

Here is a sample of the book!  Patrons have a clearer version with legible text.

The printing process has been started and will be available in the near future!  Stay tuned for more information.

And those who have submitted photos will get your signed copies as soon as all book printing is complete.  I haven’t forgotten about you ;)

Would you like to be an artwork?  Would you like to be featured in an art book? 

I am taking photo submissions until December 1st, 2017!

I am on the search for photos that I can use for references in drawing. I will need to have a limited commercial usage permission for each photo, as well, because I want to put them all into a book. I will be taking submissions from my friends and fans. But, before you send me a photo, here is a little information. Please, be sure to read it thoroughly!

I won’t be able to draw every single submission, so I will draw the submissions that fit best with the theme and style of my art. Those of you who follow me should know that I work in a darker genre. Even if your submission isn’t added, you are free to submit more that work with the themes listed below. Also, I don’t work “first come, first serve,” either. The photos that inspire me the most will be worked on sooner. But don’t worry! Those photos that I have promised to be in the book will most likely be in the book. If I choose later not to use the photo, I will certainly let you know.

These will be “free” drawings, so you won’t get the original artwork. You will, however, get a hand-signed print of the completed piece (and maybe a couple of extras).

These artworks will be included in a book that I hope to have completed by the end of 2017. My Patrons have motivated me to finally get started on it! Thank you guys!  All photo references will be credited in the book to your specifications 🤘

Here is a copy of a general photo release form.  Please fill this out and include it with your submissions.  Photos not accompanied by this form with correct and accurate information will be rejected.

Please note that I won’t use the photograph for any other reason than listed:

  • Reference image for artwork
  • Inclusion of artwork in print form
  • Display of artwork on social medias and this website
  • After artwork completion, original photo will be deleted from my computer.
  • Photo will only be included in the book under the original photographers request.

To get some ideas about what I am looking for:

Full body or portrait with good lighting
Cosplay photos (no licensed characters, though)
Gothic or vampiric makeup
Halloween costumes
Glamour shots

Some things to take into account:

Resolution of the photo (size)
Clarity of details
Focal point

Here are some things to avoid:

No Cheap selfies; most selfies are too small and grainy. Try to avoid mobile phone/iPod photos.
Please no animal photos.  Exceptions will be made for inclusion, but I am not comfortable with drawing animals.
Large photos with small figures are a no-no. The person needs to be the main focus of the photo, not the forest in the background.
No licensed or trademarked material.
Musician photos must be taken by the person submitting the photo with the knowledge of the musician.

If you are interested in being a part of my art, comment below, shoot me a message on Facebook, or email me via the contact page with your photos.

At this time, my contact page does not support attachments, so you will need to zip and upload your photos to a file sharing site before sending the link.

alt : booksample.pdf

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