Secret Halloween Package 1

On, I do a lot of trading and swapping packages.  I look forward to each one.  It is like having a birthday all year round!  This one was no exception wink

This package came from Germany!  Evalila is her username on iATCs.  Blown away, I am!

When I first opened the box, it kind of exploded on me hahahaha!  A ton of black spiderweb came spilling out.  It was awesome!

After moving the big blob of Halloween goodness, these were hiding underneath!  Arent they just the most adorable goodie bags?

This was the first one I opened.  She is AWESOME!!!  I am a sucker for red and black!  She has little rope arms with metal skeleton hands, too!  And a little white skull is hanging from one of her pigtails.  LOVE it!!  I think this might be my favorite addition to my art doll collection smile

These were hiding under all of the bags.  Yes… they are already gone…

This was pretty friggin cool to see!  It is a box/book/album thing that has a magnet closure and opens all the way flat.  Inside, there are pockets to hold trading card cases.  Inside those cases were 3 of the coolest cards, ever!


And here is the entire package all together!  There is also a coffin box that is filled with various erasers.  I love erasers!!  I use those more than I do my pencils hahaha!  Thank you so much for the awesome surprise!  I am in love with it all!!  (especially the chocolate.  Yum!)


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