I really need to learn to brush my damn hair before I record video LOL!  Meh, we are here to see the drawing, anyway, right?

Well, it’s done. That’s about all I can say.
I hate it… But it seems to be going over well with others 🙂 It makes me happy when I can make others happy, so it is worth it, regardless of how much I like the piece.

Time: Approx 26 hours (collective)
Size: Approx. 70×45 cm

Mitsubishi Pencils
Lyra Woodless Pencils
Prismacolor Ebony Pencil
Lyra 6b and 8b graphite crayon
Sandpaper Block for grinding the graphite
Pebeo Kneaded Eraser
Electric Eraser
Various Brushes

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