Mick Jagger

He’s all finished! I certainly hope he will be enjoyed in his new home when it arrives! I didn’t get a video of this one because it was the first time I had ever shrank a poster sized image down to an A4 sheet of paper. It was difficult, but I do love a good challenge!


Time: Approx 14 hours (collective)
Size: A4

Faber-Castell and Mitsubishi Pencils
Lyra 6b graphite crayon
Pebeo Kneaded Eraser
Various Static Erasers
Electric Eraser
Various Brushes
Paper Stumps

Grinding graphite into paper to get the blackest black is a chore all
on its own. I think I spent 10 of those 14 hours just grinding it in. I
do believe my wrist needs a rest LOL

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